Dog Kennel


Hoof Grip isn’t just for our large four-legged animals, it is also beneficial to smaller animals to. By reducing impact by 50% on paws and joints, helping to prevent stress and injury.

When Hoof Grip is installed in a dog kennels, dogs do not have to stand and lay on the cold cement. It helps to insulate the floor; keeping kennels cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Protecting your dog from sunburns and frost bite.

Hoof Grip is also beneficial for Doggie Day care, dog wash facility, Dog Grooming facility, or personal kennels. Dog agility facilities have seen the benefit of installing Hoof Grip to prevent injuries from slips and falls.

With Hoof Grips sealed flooring, it allows for easy clean up and withstands industrial cleaning products. The impervious floor prevents growths of bacteria, fungus and mold; allowing your kennel to stay biologically safer and smell better. 

Next time your dog needs to stay at a kennel, ask if they have Hoof Grip flooring to keep your dog safe and comfortable while they are not with you.